Escape Spring Travels

Vienna over New Years Eve!

I didn’t realize I was in love with Barcelona until this last trip :-)  

Sunshine + Fat and Happy = BLISS

YUM, olives, fried octopus balls and fried white bait and a new drink!  Who knew sherry was sooo good.

Boqueria Market in Barcelona.  This market is so awesome, there is everything here.  Seafood, veggies, birds of all sorts, pigs, cows, lamb, game, not to mention the BEST olives, cheese and don’t forget that tasty Iberico ham.  

Boqueria Market in Barcelona.  OMG, awesome seafood!

View from our room at the W Hotel in Barcelona

Ahh, beautiful Barcelona with the Girls!  So sad, this is my only photo from Barcelona!  See the Girls between the two police officers…a fitting spot for this lot.  

Can you say STEEP and SCARY as in I may die if I fall off this 2 foot wide trail!

Nice to be alive!

Nice to be alive!

Badia Alta, Dolomites Italy.  Amazing hiking!

Badia Alta, Dolomites Italy.  Amazing hiking!